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Hello, I am Jasmine Lindsey. I am 20-years-old and I live in Georgia, United States. I am currently a freshman and a college student. I am majoring in English and minor in Art. I am shy, quiet, creative, kind and smart person. I  love reading books, writing stories, drawing, listening to music, anime and manga. Of course, I love fashion. Especially edgy, punk fashion. I love alternative rock and punk music, too. My favorite bands at the moment are Paramore and Versaemerge.

To be honest, I never thought that I would become a blogger or make a blog before this. I have always been a tomboy and I maybe just started getting  interested in fashion during my last year of high school. I love to read Seventeen magazine and Teen Vogue magazine. I enjoy reading the fashion and outfit tips and articles. I take some of my inspiration from them. But mostly I take inspiration from myself, from my personal style and daily outfits. My favorite sneakers are Converse and I love to wear accessories like headbands and hair clips. Also, I love to wear jewelry, especially earrings and bracelets. I would describe my style as classic punk, edgy and grungy.

I don't know anyone else in my school or town whom is an African-American girl who is considered Punk, Emo, Goth or Scene. Alternative girls of colour (African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Native American, Biracial, etc.) are often ignored or bullied by their peers. I know that and I have experienced it before so I wanted to create a community where teenage girls and young women who are different can come to find out about the edgy alternative fashion, DIY projects, music, and beauty. Just a place where you can have fun and express yourself!
So enjoy!

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