Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I Wore Today

       Me and my family went to visit my older sister in Atlanta over the weekend. We were riding  in the car for three hours so I wore a comfortable outfit. I was wearing a navy blue and gray hoodie, an oversized white t-shirt with the words ROCK YOU on the front of it. I paired it with dark blue skinny jeans and plain black canvas sneakers. I accessorized this look with silver cross earrings and a studded stretch bracelet. 

My oversized t-shirt is boyish and cute! I love to wear oversized tees. My hoodie is has a color block style to it. The dark blue skinny jeans are so comfortable and go with any outfit. I got them recently and have been wearing them often. My studded bracelet is cool, it has silver, black, and bronze studs on it. I love the distressed look of it. My earrings are silver crosses. I think they look like gothic crosses on old churches. I love jewelry. Also, I just got these black canvas sneakers. They are plain and they can go with any outfit. I think that it's good to have a solid color pair of sneakers to wear. 

So this outfit was cute and grunge style. I had a fun weekend. 


Urban Outfitters
Old Navy

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