USOTS Messageboards

Welcome to USOTS Mesaageboards! It is a messageboard forum where my readers, followers and fellow bloggers can talk to each other about anything from my latest blog post to hair, makeup, fashion, music or if you just need someone to talk to. In the messageboards, you can send messages and create your own topics. I want this blog to be friendly and supportive to everyone. I
 Have fun and chat!

Before using the USOTS Messageboards please follow these rules to stay safe and have a positive experience:

  1. DO NOT post or tell other members any personal information such as your phone number, address, email or school, etc.
  2. DO NOT post inappropriate photos (NO sexually explicit or violent photos)
  3. DO NOT post offensive or hateful speech (NO threats, harassment, hate speech, slander, discrimination against any race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, or disability)
  4. Do be kind and polite others in the messageboards.
  5. Do offer helpful tips and advice to others in the messageboards.
  6. Do make to new friends and include everyone in the conversations and discussions on the messageboards.
  7. DO NOT bully, ignore, or exclude others in the messagesboards.
  8. Be safe!


USOTS Messageboards

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