Sunday, August 31, 2014

What I Wore Today

On Saturday, me and my family went to the mall Riverside Crossing. I love the TV show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I am obbsessed with My Little Pony. I have been creating outfits inspired by My Little Pony. Yesterday, I wore an outfit inspired Twilight Sparkle.  I wore a navy blue cropped cardigan, a glitter striped purple tank top, a quilted black skater skirt, black ballet flats and a Twilight Sparkle pendant necklace. 

Animate Yourself! Dress Like Your Favorite Characters

Do you love cartoons or anime or comics? There are simple and easy ways to animate yourself and make your wardrobe more fun. This is to wear for a everyday style.

1. Watch or read your favorite cartoon,anime, or comic book.

2. Pick a character. You can choose the main character, your favorite character or a background character.

3. Get into character. Research your character's personality, likes and dislikes,accents, mannerisms, facial expressions. Try to copy them as accurately as possible.

4. Wear there main color schemes. Like light blue and white for Finn from Adventure Time. Or purple and pink for Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.

5.Try to get a sense of their style. Sum it up in one word. Like Bohemianor Edgy,. or Goth or Girly Girl. Then research those specific styles.

6. Do not be too costumey. Try to go for a simple everyday style.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ultimate Alt Girls School Guide Outfits Part 1 - 5

The second post in my back to school series, I made an outfits video of grunge, punk, emo, inspired looks for back to school. Get inspired for the new school year! Comment and like my videos. Subscribe to my youtube channel

Part 1

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ultimate Alt Girls School Guide Backpacks

For the first post in my series the Ultimate Alt Girls School Guide. I will be showing you backpacks that you can carry around school or maybe even during the weekend. Backpacks are super important for school and are even cooler when they are stylish.

Backpacks You Should Check Out:

American Flag


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Try It, Style It : Overalls

Hello, to all of readers and followers. I am so glad to get back to blogging after a long break from it. I have been dealing with a lot of personal problems in my life right now. Anyway, I will start out slowly again with this month's Try It Style It.

Overalls have always been thought of as what a toddler or a farmer would wear. But this summer they have become very popular. They were what many teen girls in the 90s wore especially during the  Grunge fashion era. There are many different types of overalls. First, is the typical long overalls. Second, there are short alls which have shorts on the bottoms. Skirtalls are overalls with skirts on the bottoms also called overall dresses.

Overalls come in various fabrics such a denim, cotton, or leather. They have patterns on them like floral, plaid, polka dots, stripes or solid colors. I think they would make a fun outfit to try out. You can try wearing skirt alls or overall dresses or floral patterned overalls for a feminine look. For a more tomboyish look go for long overalls or shortalls. You can wear overalls over tank tops, crop tops, and long sleeved tees. They will go great with any footwear like sneakers, boots, heels, sandals. Celebrities such as Hayley Williams from the pop punk band Paramore and Willow Smith, r&b  singer.

Show Us How You Style It!
Take a photo of you wearing overalls, shortalls, or skirtalls. Then post your photo instagram  using the tags @unseensideofthescene
and #TryItStyleIt 

Your will be posted to the official Unseen Side Of Scene Instagram page and to my blog.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Taking A Break!

I am going to be taking a break from blogging for this month and next month. I have been having a lot personal problems in my life right now. So I won`t be updating my facebook, twitter , pinterest, or instagram pages or writing on my blog until July . I am sorry to my readers and followers


If you want to talk to me, send  me a message or email or comment.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Punk: A Splash Of Pink

     If you love a tough, punk inspired style and want a killer outfit to wear with a crop top, this is the one. I think crop tops are girly and fun so I chose a pink and black color combination for this look. First, wear the Cropped Tee With Polka Dot Punk Screen And Pyramid Studs. Its a black oversized crop top with rolled sleeves. It has a graphic with the word PUNK and polka dots in neon pink on the front of it. Also, it has a studded neckline.The top has a lot of cool details on it.

Then pull on these Machine Dark Wash Destructed Skinny Jeans With Rhinestone Details. I love the jeans. They are very ripped and vintage looking. They have rhinestones on the side of the jeans. Next, make this look really pop with Converse Tie Dyed Sneakers. They are pink and have tie dye print in them. I like the print because its different and you don't see many punk rockers wearing tie dye. Add an rocker and sweet accessories such as the Bow, Cross & Spikes Bracelet Set. Its a set of faux leather bow, metal cross and spiked black beaded bracelets. It would be the perfect outfit to wear on weekend. Live up to the logo on the coolest tee ever! Be Punk!

Store Links

Top from Debshops ( http:/ )
Jeans from Debshops ( http:/ )
Shoes from JCPenney ( http:/ )
Bracelet Set from Charlotte Russe ( http:/ )

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scene: I Heart Leopard 4ever

Whether you are going to the mall or movies or a concert, this is a cool look to try with a crop top.
I created this Scene outfit which is the Infinity Heart Crop Top, its a bright orange color  with infinity and heart symbols on the front. Made from soft cotton so it would be comfortable to wear all season long.Throw on the Mute Mile  Zip Hoodie over it, this hoodie is light gray with leopard print on the sleeves and hood. I love statement hoodies with bold and unique patterns on them.

Next, wear a pair of dark wash denim shorts. Make it shine with Love Heart Shaped Hoop Earrings. These earrings are gold and have the word Love on them. They are  adorable! Then put this Love And Infinity Friendship Bracelets which are a set of brightly colored woven,and beaded bracelets.                                                   

Top it all off with the Knotted Fabric Headband. Its black and simple. It will go with any outfit. Last, wear the Womens Converse One Star High Top Sneaker Gray Leopard Print. These sneakers are gray and black leopard print with neon orange accents. So cool! The edgy animal print and bright orange colors through out this outfit definitely will make you stand out for Spring!       

Store Links:  Top from Rue21 ( ,
Hoodie from Vans ,
Shorts from Kohls , Shoes from Target ,
Earrings from Claires!/product/detail/p13789 ,
Bracelet Set from Claires!/product/detail/p24195 ,
Headband from Claires!/product/detail/p54492

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grunge: You Are My Moon And Stars

                Crop tops are great to wear during the Spring months. They help you to stay cool while still looking. cute. Crop tops are a 90s staple and I think it should be in every Grunge girl's wardrobe. First, put on the Blackstone Smiling Moon Cropped Tee, it's a violet color  and it has a cool graphic of smiling suns and moons on it. Since it is April , if its raining outside where you live or if you just want to make this outfit a less revealing  you can try layering it with this H&M Fine Knit Waistcoat, it is a dark gray knit fabric that is very long and drapey. I think it balances out the proportions in the outfit well. Next, wear the Machine Skinny Jean in Super Light Blasted Wash with Crinkles, these jeans are light wash and I think they have a unique texture to them the jeans also have embroidered back pockets. 

               Then slip on the H&M Sandals these are faux patent leather and suede 
. With metal buckles and straps at the ankles the sandals are perfect for adding an edge to any of your warm weather outfits. Last, try a pair of Black & White Aztec Aviator Sunglasses,  I love the aztec print on these glasses I think it has adds an unexpected touch to the look. And I think gold jewelry such as the Faux Pearl Safety Pin Earrings and the Bangle Set with Textured Designs. Both fit this whole loom very well and I think the jewelry matches the sparkling suns and moons on the cropped tee so well because they are both  golden colors. 
Indeed, you are my moon and stars! 

Grunge: You Are My Moon And Stars

Blackstone blue t shirt

H M vest
$22 -

Slim jeans

Hinged bracelet

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Must-Have Sewing Essentials For Beginners

                 I am really excited because yesterday I received a new book and a sewing kit in the mail. The book is called Sew Teen: Make Your Own Cool Clothes  by Sheila Zent. In the book it teaches you how to sew clothing and accessories. I started reading it as soon as I took it out of the box. Its simple to understand instructions and illustraions. I love the photos of the models, too. It's good for beginnners. 

               My Mom bought the book and sewing kit for me from I want to learn how to sew because I always liked art and crafts when I see people make them. It's interesting to me. I want to have more of a uniques sense of style to my clothing and I think that DIY clothing is a cool element of the 1970s and 1980s punk culture. Most of the time punks during those decades would make their own clothing or go to thrift stores then add their own style to it. 

                I haven't actually ever sewed any clothing before. But I have made a pillow in Home Ec class when I was in middle school. I don't have a sewing machine yet either. So it's going to be interesting to see how these projects will turn out. (P.S. I'm terrified!) But seriously I am excited to have a new hobby. I also received a sewing kit it's the Singer Beginners Sewing Kit. It has 130 prices of sewing supplies. 

Here are what's in the kit. I think these are sewing essentials for any crafter: 

1. Sewing Needles 
2. Needle Threader
3. Fabric Scissors
4. Dressmaker Pins 
5. Thimble
6. Marking Pencils 
7. Sewing Gauge
8. Seam Ripper
9. Tape Measurer 
10. Spools of Thread  
11. Tomato Pin Cushion 

I have bookmarked the page in the book of the first project want to create. I will creating a lot of fun sewing tutorials on my blog and on my Youtube channel. 
I hope you enjoyed this list. 

 Are you a beginner sewer,too? Do you have a list of sewing supplies of your own? Would you add anything to this list? Do you think DIY fashion is important in Punk culture today and why? 
Please tell me in the comments! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

What I Wore Today


        On March 20, me and my twin sister Jade celebrated our birthday. I am 21-years-old now. Me and my family went out to eat ice cream at Menchies. I got vanilla ice cream with cheesecake and brownie pieces in it. Afterward, we came home and ate cake and pizza. I loved all my presents, too. I had a lot of fun. 

        I wore a simple and cute outfit. I wore a light gray t-shirt, paired with royal blue skinny jeans, and black Converse sneakers. I added a pair of crystal silver stud earrings. I finished the look with a black skull patterned scarf. 

        My gray t-shirt is solid colored and its good to throw on during warmer months or anytime. The royal blue jeans add a pop of color to the outfit. I suggest that you get colored skinny jeans. I think they are effortlessly stylish. The Converse sneakers are always my favorite. My earrings are I think are shaped like eyes or vinyl records. My skull scarf is a chiffon fabric. Chiffon scarves are nice to wear in the Spring or Summer. 


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Go Punk For St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day is tommorow. I have a few tips of how to wear green for this lucky holiday. You can wear it without looking tacky. So this is for all of the Punk girls and alternative girls out there who want to rock green the cool way. From hair bows, wedge pumps, vests, and graphic tees, this slideshow has everything you need to celebrate St. Pattys Day in style.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Everyday Lip Gloss Looks Videos Parts 1 - 6


      Its Spring and since its warmer weather I thought it would be great to show you some light makeup that you can wear that will be fun and easy to apply. I really like lip gloss. I think its perfect to wear for the Spring season because its lighter than the heavier makeup and it is brightly colored.
 I created a video titled Everyday Lip Gloss Looks. Its just about the different lip glosses that you can wear daily.
Part 1 For School
Part 2 For School Continued
 Part 3 For Weekend
Part 4 For Weekend Continued
Part 5 For Special Occasions
Part 6 For Special Occasions Continued
I hope you enjoyed these videos. Please comment and like them on YouTube. Subscribe to my channel for more fashion and makeup videos.
My Channel:
Jasmine Lindsey

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Band Of The Week: Lady Batserina

This week being featured is the singer Lady Batserina and her band. 

          A Hispanic-American singer, whose stage name is Lady Batserina,  (or Batsy) she began singing in musicals and is now at 20-years-old is professional performer in Houston, Texas.  She is very talented in the Fine Arts such as dancing, painting, drawing and modeling. She plays alongside a band and she is currently focusing on a music career. She  hasn't released album yet but has sang many covers of rock songs. 




                      BAND WEBSITES

                      Official Facebook page:

                Official Instagram page:

                  Soundcloud page:


What do you think of this week's band? Do you love her music and style? Tell me in the comments! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I Wore Today

       Me and my family went to visit my older sister in Atlanta over the weekend. We were riding  in the car for three hours so I wore a comfortable outfit. I was wearing a navy blue and gray hoodie, an oversized white t-shirt with the words ROCK YOU on the front of it. I paired it with dark blue skinny jeans and plain black canvas sneakers. I accessorized this look with silver cross earrings and a studded stretch bracelet. 

My oversized t-shirt is boyish and cute! I love to wear oversized tees. My hoodie is has a color block style to it. The dark blue skinny jeans are so comfortable and go with any outfit. I got them recently and have been wearing them often. My studded bracelet is cool, it has silver, black, and bronze studs on it. I love the distressed look of it. My earrings are silver crosses. I think they look like gothic crosses on old churches. I love jewelry. Also, I just got these black canvas sneakers. They are plain and they can go with any outfit. I think that it's good to have a solid color pair of sneakers to wear. 

So this outfit was cute and grunge style. I had a fun weekend. 


Urban Outfitters
Old Navy

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Try It, Style It: Leggings VS Tights

Try It, Style It is a section when every month I write about clothing items that are challenging to wear. Then you will show me how you style this clothing item in an outfit.
Leggings and tights are both a cute accessory and an essential in any girl's closet. 
          Leggings are perfect to wear with any casual outfit. Leggings are great to wear in colder weather like Fall or Winter. They are made of a thicker material. Usually leggings are footless. The lengths that they have are capri, ankle-length or knee-length. They are very comfortable, stretchy and easy to put on if your in a hurry in the morning. They are durable which is good if you are walking around a lot during a busy day at school. The most fun thing about leggings is that they come in a variety of different colors and patterns such as floral or zebra print. To avoid an unflattering look when wear ing leggings, do not wear capri leggings if you are shorter height because they will make you look even shorter. If you are curvy or plus size figure  do not wear brightly colored leggings. Instead try to wear solid color leggings such as brown or black.
           Tights are made of thinner material. They cover the feet. They can be opaque or sheer. Tights are available in a variety such as bright colors, neon colors, fishnets, floral, or lace. They are definitely great for casual and dressy looks. You can wear them to dinner at a restaurant, at work, or to a school presentation. Tights can be knee-length or longer length. They are comfortable but can feel itchy. Being so thin the tights can rip or tear easily when worn frequently. But tights do look very mature and can accentuate your figure and legs well. 
Now its your turn to show me how you style this clothing item.
Take a photo of your outfit with tights or leggings. Then send it to me in a direct message (DM) on Instagram. I will post your outfit photo on Unseen Side Of The Scene Instagram page and on my blog!
Here are few outfits that you can wear with leggings and tights: 
Leggings & Tights Outfits








Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Band Of The Week: Over

Today on Band Of The Week I will be writing about the band Over.

Linda Battilani, lead singer of the band Over

Linda Battilani , alternative Italian singer
Over is a band that was formed in 2012 and the members are from Medona, Italy. The band has had several changes in members since it first began but now it is more stable. Linda Battilani is the lead vocalist, Oscar Scamtamburlo is plays the bass, Nicola Bagnoli is the guitarist and vocalist, Matteo Broccolo Mantovani also a guitarist, and Frederico Bernardi plays the drums and percussions. Their genre of music is alternative and melodic punk rock. In December 2012, the band released its first single and music video titled "Living With No Expectations". Its became popular with fans in Italy and all over Europe.
"Living With No Expectatios" Single (2012)
"Weakness" Single (2013)
"All OVER Again" EP (2013)
Band members of Over
With the rising success of their first single Over released an EP titled ''All OVER Again" in February 2013. They even held an release party for it in their home city. The popular single from the EP is the song "Weakness".

The album is available to buy and download at
Official Facebook Page
Official Youtube Channel
Official Twitter Page
So what do you think this week's band?
Have you heard of them before or are they a new band to you?
Will you check out their music?
Tell me in the comments!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines Day

      Valentines Day!! It will be next weekend on February 14 and whether you are going out on a date with someone special or attending a party or just having a girls night in with friends. I have the two perfect outfits for anyone spend the day with love. It's never to early to plan for Valentines Day. So to avoid a freak out or an ugh-I-have-nothing-to-wear-day. Try these! 

Outfit 1:  Casual Date Or Girls Night In 

Wear the Stripe Top with Lace Back Panel, it is dark red and cream colors striped. The lace design on the back is very pretty.  You can wear a camisole underneath this top. Maybe a white camisole would look nice. For a relaxed look, pair it with these The Rockstar Mid Rise Super Skinny Jeans Milkway . They are a darker wash and have a faded , slightly ripped appearance to them.  Slip on this pair of Statment-Making Combat Boots which are dark brown leather boots with buckles in them. Finish off this look with the Layered Rhinestone Pendant Necklace. It's has a cool hexagon shape. It has a unique look to it. This is a very cozy and cute look!

Outfit 2: Formal Date Night Or Party

Wear the Lunachix Animal Print Strapless Dress, this is a strapless tube dress. The bodice is black faux leather. Then the bottom is a gray leopard print chiffon. I think it is a cool mix of pattern and texture. Next, put on these flats  Glitter Ballet Flat with Stud Accents. They are shiny and compliment this outfit well. Also, showoff  a pair of earrings  from the Crystal Pearl Earring 9-Pack. This is a very daring look !!

Valentines Day

Animal print dress

Striped top

Old Navy mid-rise jeans

Glitter flat

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top 5 Edgy & Fun Fragrances

While I have enjoyed the winter season a lot, I remembered that it in just one month it will be March. Which means Spring is coming! So why not start now and fill our days with sweet things? But they don't have to be too girly or too sweet either. For this slideshow,  I picked a few fragrances that edgy girls will love! Explore your fun and adventurous side with these perfumes!


(1 and 5) Available at Hottopic stores and
(2) Available at Kohls stores and
(3) Available at Bath & Body Works stores and
(4) Available at Victoria's Secret stores and


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What I Wore Today


               My outfit was a little different today. It had bright colors in it and I don't usually wear bright or neon colors. Most of the clothing in my closet is black or other darker colors. So I am a bit hesitant to try a lime green or bright orange. My mom is tells me to wear brighter colors and occasionally I do. But then I just end up looking too boring or too girly. I haven't really been able to figure out a way to balance edgy style and bright colors. 
      I wore bright peach hoodie and it is fleece so it feels very warm and comfy. I paired it with a plain long sleeved black v-neck shirt. The shirt goes with anything and it can be dressy or casual. Underneath the shirt I wore a gray tank top. Then put I on my light blue skinny jeans. My sneakers are faux leather with gold studs on them. I love these sneakers because they are kind of sporty and punk mixed together. 

    For accessories, I wore a skull necklace. The skull has a rose in its mouth. It is gold and distressed. I really like my outfit today. 

This was a very different look for me but it still looks cool! 

                     Old Navy
                    Charming Charlie's


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Punk: Colorful Stars

          Grab your camera snap  a photo new twist on the Punk look! Wear the One Step Up Brushed Sweatshirt. It has a bright orange color and a black star on it. It is bright and edgy. To keep warm add a cool touch throw a 4 Pocket Anorak Vest. It's distressed denim and these motorcycle style vests are becoming popular at the moment. 

          The Almost Famous High Waisted Skinny Jeans are perfect with this outfit. They are in a dark wash. I think the jeans balance out the lighter colors. Slip on the Demonia Deviant Lace-up Canvas Sneakers. In the color black and the shoes are extra high tops. I like high top sneakers because their a bit of a step up from your usual low tops and have an 80s retro vibe. Actually, many punks in the 1980s wore neon and bright colors. 

           So to finish off this look put on the Lovesick Spike Bangle and the Skull Daisy Sunglasses. With this outfit, you will be retro and new, bright and punky, feminine and tough . All at the same!

Punk: Colorful Stars

Store Links

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Accessories Giveaway: Winners List

          It's here! Time to announce the  winners of the Accessories Giveaway.  I would like to say thank you to all of the girls who participated in the giveaway. I appreciate it so much! This was the first giveaway that I had on blog. So I wasn't sure what to expect or how it would all work out. But I am glad that everything worked out just fine!



      A neon pink and maroon friendship bracelet with a silver clasp at the end and a silver charm that's engraved with AERO and 1987 on it. Its from Aeropostale. 



       A yellow friendship bracelet with silver beads on it.  It's from Aeropostale.

Now to announce the winners! 
Drum roll please
Ba-Dum, Ba-Dum, Ba-Dum

First Prize Winner
Bailey Oravitz
Second Prize Winner
Yesenia Aguilar
The winners will be notified by email. If you do not reply to this email within 3 days then you will fofeit your prize and it will be awarded to an alternate entrant. Thank to everyone to whom participated in this giveaway. I will be hosting more giveaways soon so you still have a chance to win cool prizes. I will be hosting another giveaway in March so be ready!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Grunge: Golden Dreams

  Travel through a multicolored dreamland filled with beautiful flowers and breathtaking mountains....With this Grunge outfit, you'll never want to go back to reality again. Its has such a laidback California vibe it. The Zip Up Fleece Jacket with two zip and flap pockets. It is in a maroon color and it would be a warm and sort of lightweight jacket for cooler weather. Underneath it wear a Barbie Dolls Heads Top , this is a muscle tee that has a collage style graphics of Barbie dolls on it. I love that it is quirky and almost has a vintage look to it. 

Now pair with Celebrity Pink High Waist Skinny Jeans. They are a shiny material and are gold. They are very pretty! Then the Journee Collection Jimba Midcalf Boots which are camel color and have strappy buckles on them. Last, choose of one the earrings from the Feather Chains Earrings set. The earrings are cute and add a subtle Bohemian look to this outfit. The lighter colors and shiny metallic jeans make this outfit stand out. If you want to look like a young Hollywood star with a touch of Grunge chick. This would be tots adorbs  for you!

 it with  Grunge: Golden Dreams