Sunday, April 20, 2014

Punk: A Splash Of Pink

     If you love a tough, punk inspired style and want a killer outfit to wear with a crop top, this is the one. I think crop tops are girly and fun so I chose a pink and black color combination for this look. First, wear the Cropped Tee With Polka Dot Punk Screen And Pyramid Studs. Its a black oversized crop top with rolled sleeves. It has a graphic with the word PUNK and polka dots in neon pink on the front of it. Also, it has a studded neckline.The top has a lot of cool details on it.

Then pull on these Machine Dark Wash Destructed Skinny Jeans With Rhinestone Details. I love the jeans. They are very ripped and vintage looking. They have rhinestones on the side of the jeans. Next, make this look really pop with Converse Tie Dyed Sneakers. They are pink and have tie dye print in them. I like the print because its different and you don't see many punk rockers wearing tie dye. Add an rocker and sweet accessories such as the Bow, Cross & Spikes Bracelet Set. Its a set of faux leather bow, metal cross and spiked black beaded bracelets. It would be the perfect outfit to wear on weekend. Live up to the logo on the coolest tee ever! Be Punk!

Store Links

Top from Debshops ( http:/ )
Jeans from Debshops ( http:/ )
Shoes from JCPenney ( http:/ )
Bracelet Set from Charlotte Russe ( http:/ )

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scene: I Heart Leopard 4ever

Whether you are going to the mall or movies or a concert, this is a cool look to try with a crop top.
I created this Scene outfit which is the Infinity Heart Crop Top, its a bright orange color  with infinity and heart symbols on the front. Made from soft cotton so it would be comfortable to wear all season long.Throw on the Mute Mile  Zip Hoodie over it, this hoodie is light gray with leopard print on the sleeves and hood. I love statement hoodies with bold and unique patterns on them.

Next, wear a pair of dark wash denim shorts. Make it shine with Love Heart Shaped Hoop Earrings. These earrings are gold and have the word Love on them. They are  adorable! Then put this Love And Infinity Friendship Bracelets which are a set of brightly colored woven,and beaded bracelets.                                                   

Top it all off with the Knotted Fabric Headband. Its black and simple. It will go with any outfit. Last, wear the Womens Converse One Star High Top Sneaker Gray Leopard Print. These sneakers are gray and black leopard print with neon orange accents. So cool! The edgy animal print and bright orange colors through out this outfit definitely will make you stand out for Spring!       

Store Links:  Top from Rue21 ( ,
Hoodie from Vans ,
Shorts from Kohls , Shoes from Target ,
Earrings from Claires!/product/detail/p13789 ,
Bracelet Set from Claires!/product/detail/p24195 ,
Headband from Claires!/product/detail/p54492

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grunge: You Are My Moon And Stars

                Crop tops are great to wear during the Spring months. They help you to stay cool while still looking. cute. Crop tops are a 90s staple and I think it should be in every Grunge girl's wardrobe. First, put on the Blackstone Smiling Moon Cropped Tee, it's a violet color  and it has a cool graphic of smiling suns and moons on it. Since it is April , if its raining outside where you live or if you just want to make this outfit a less revealing  you can try layering it with this H&M Fine Knit Waistcoat, it is a dark gray knit fabric that is very long and drapey. I think it balances out the proportions in the outfit well. Next, wear the Machine Skinny Jean in Super Light Blasted Wash with Crinkles, these jeans are light wash and I think they have a unique texture to them the jeans also have embroidered back pockets. 

               Then slip on the H&M Sandals these are faux patent leather and suede 
. With metal buckles and straps at the ankles the sandals are perfect for adding an edge to any of your warm weather outfits. Last, try a pair of Black & White Aztec Aviator Sunglasses,  I love the aztec print on these glasses I think it has adds an unexpected touch to the look. And I think gold jewelry such as the Faux Pearl Safety Pin Earrings and the Bangle Set with Textured Designs. Both fit this whole loom very well and I think the jewelry matches the sparkling suns and moons on the cropped tee so well because they are both  golden colors. 
Indeed, you are my moon and stars! 

Grunge: You Are My Moon And Stars

Blackstone blue t shirt

H M vest
$22 -

Slim jeans

Hinged bracelet

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Must-Have Sewing Essentials For Beginners

                 I am really excited because yesterday I received a new book and a sewing kit in the mail. The book is called Sew Teen: Make Your Own Cool Clothes  by Sheila Zent. In the book it teaches you how to sew clothing and accessories. I started reading it as soon as I took it out of the box. Its simple to understand instructions and illustraions. I love the photos of the models, too. It's good for beginnners. 

               My Mom bought the book and sewing kit for me from I want to learn how to sew because I always liked art and crafts when I see people make them. It's interesting to me. I want to have more of a uniques sense of style to my clothing and I think that DIY clothing is a cool element of the 1970s and 1980s punk culture. Most of the time punks during those decades would make their own clothing or go to thrift stores then add their own style to it. 

                I haven't actually ever sewed any clothing before. But I have made a pillow in Home Ec class when I was in middle school. I don't have a sewing machine yet either. So it's going to be interesting to see how these projects will turn out. (P.S. I'm terrified!) But seriously I am excited to have a new hobby. I also received a sewing kit it's the Singer Beginners Sewing Kit. It has 130 prices of sewing supplies. 

Here are what's in the kit. I think these are sewing essentials for any crafter: 

1. Sewing Needles 
2. Needle Threader
3. Fabric Scissors
4. Dressmaker Pins 
5. Thimble
6. Marking Pencils 
7. Sewing Gauge
8. Seam Ripper
9. Tape Measurer 
10. Spools of Thread  
11. Tomato Pin Cushion 

I have bookmarked the page in the book of the first project want to create. I will creating a lot of fun sewing tutorials on my blog and on my Youtube channel. 
I hope you enjoyed this list. 

 Are you a beginner sewer,too? Do you have a list of sewing supplies of your own? Would you add anything to this list? Do you think DIY fashion is important in Punk culture today and why? 
Please tell me in the comments!