Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Try It, Style It: Leggings VS Tights

Try It, Style It is a section when every month I write about clothing items that are challenging to wear. Then you will show me how you style this clothing item in an outfit.
Leggings and tights are both a cute accessory and an essential in any girl's closet. 
          Leggings are perfect to wear with any casual outfit. Leggings are great to wear in colder weather like Fall or Winter. They are made of a thicker material. Usually leggings are footless. The lengths that they have are capri, ankle-length or knee-length. They are very comfortable, stretchy and easy to put on if your in a hurry in the morning. They are durable which is good if you are walking around a lot during a busy day at school. The most fun thing about leggings is that they come in a variety of different colors and patterns such as floral or zebra print. To avoid an unflattering look when wear ing leggings, do not wear capri leggings if you are shorter height because they will make you look even shorter. If you are curvy or plus size figure  do not wear brightly colored leggings. Instead try to wear solid color leggings such as brown or black.
           Tights are made of thinner material. They cover the feet. They can be opaque or sheer. Tights are available in a variety such as bright colors, neon colors, fishnets, floral, or lace. They are definitely great for casual and dressy looks. You can wear them to dinner at a restaurant, at work, or to a school presentation. Tights can be knee-length or longer length. They are comfortable but can feel itchy. Being so thin the tights can rip or tear easily when worn frequently. But tights do look very mature and can accentuate your figure and legs well. 
Now its your turn to show me how you style this clothing item.
Take a photo of your outfit with tights or leggings. Then send it to me in a direct message (DM) on Instagram. I will post your outfit photo on Unseen Side Of The Scene Instagram page and on my blog!
Here are few outfits that you can wear with leggings and tights: 
Leggings & Tights Outfits








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