Friday, June 21, 2013

Can You Spot The Difference?

Punk, Grunge, Goth, Emo and Scene. People often think that these are all the same but it might take a good look through a magnifying glass to see that they are completely different.
Lets take a look!
Emo is a music genre that is characterized by heavily emotional lyrics and hard rock. It began in the early to mid 1980s. Emo fashion consists of skinny jeans, Converse, Vans, slip on shoes, tight band t-shirts or vintage t-shirts, hair accessories such as hair bows, hair clips for girls. Also, hoodies, wristbands, rubber bracelets, studded belts, plaid shirts, black thick framed glasses are commonly worn. Messenger bags are often carried by emo people. Makeup is usually heavy dark or black eyeshadow or eyeliner. Razored, straight hair with bangs covering the eyes or dyed hair are popular among this group.
Punk originated in the 1970s and it is unknown whether it began in the United States, Great Britain, or Australia. Punk music is loud, fast paced sound with rebellious and political messages. Punk fashion aims to be shocking. Punks often  DIY their clothing, ripped or torn clothes and putting patches and badges on clothing. Punk rockers shop at vinage stores or thrift stores.Baggy work pants, jeans, plaid, stripes, converse, skate shoes, combat boots, Doc Martens, and black leather jackets and lots of denim are commonly worn. Embellishments and symbols on clothing are studs, spikes, anarchy symbols and British flags.Dark and bright makeup is used. Body piercings and tatoos are common. Dyed hair and unconventional haircuts such as Mohawks, pixie cuts, or asymmetrical haircuts are popular.There are many variations of punk style such as skate punk, pop punk, or ska punk and many others.
Goth emerged in the late 1970s and Gothic music has a cold and harsh sound with dark and introspective lyrics. Makeup is black lipstick or nail polish and pale skin. Goth fashion is a romantic style with lace, dresses, fishnet stockings, corsets.Silver jewelry, body piercings and tattoos are common. Gothic fashion is heavily influenced by Victorian era, Lolita styles and Elizabethian era. Hair dyed black and  sometimes bright colors is also popular.

Grunge culture started in the early 1980s in Seattle, Washington.Grunge music is a combination of punk and metal. Grunge fashion is a laid back, unkempt look. Oversized flannel shirts, outdoor clothing,
oversized t-shirts, baggy jeans or ripped and holes jeans are worn. Grungers shop at thrift stores and vintage shops. Sweaters, baggy cardigans, long loose floral dresses, leggings and ripped tights are popular. Layering is very common. Combat boots, Doc Martens, and converse often worn. Dyed hair also long or short messy hairstyles are popular.Makeup is smudged black eyeliner and mascara.

Scene began in the early 2000s and Scene music is a broad range from pop, electro and dance to hip-hop and heavy metal. Scene fashion is bright colored or neon colored clothing. Scene people wear skinny jeans and colored skinny jeans, band t-shirts, graphic t-shirts and cartoon character t-shirts. Crop tops, tank tops and camisoles are also popular. Short skirts, denim skirts and tutus with patterned leggings or tights are    worn, too. Animal prints, plaid,stripes, and checkered patterns are popular. Vans, slip on shoes, DCs, converse, ballet flats and flip flops. Tons of accessories such as pearl necklaces, sunglasses, black thick framed glasses with no lenses, pyramid stud belts or white belts, hair bows, hair clips or headbands. Makeup is bright color mascara with black eyeliner. Body piercings and dyed hair with choppy, layered and asymmetrical hairstyles are common.


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