Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Welcome! This is a place for the unseen ones, the dedicated music fans, and fashion enthusiasts of Punk, Grunge, Emo, Scene and Goth cultures. In general, these cultures emphasize creativity, self-expression, and just being true to yourself. The people immersed in these subcultures are often seen as outcasts by society but there are also people within the cultures who are often ignored or never thought to even exist. When you turn on your television, an image of a blonde haired blue eyed white girl in a black t-shirt, plaid skirt and combat boots flashes onto the screen. Instantly, you think: Punk. So you think that is what the average alternative chick looks like? What about African-American, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Native American or Biracial girls? You think: No, that's not possible. Well, think again because IT IS POSSIBLE. These cultures and what they stand for speak to people from all walks of life and across all countries and continents. The mission of this blog is to create a fun and safe community for alternative girls of colour to get information on music, fashion, DIY projects, and other  awesome stuff about alternative lifestyles. 

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