Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scene: Neon Craze

          Neon, fluorescent or other bright colors can be difficult for anyone to pull off especially if you are going for more alternative styles. So this week I will be focusing on how to wear bright colors and how to make them look edgier. Today I have a Scene outfit. Scene fashion is known for its bright colors so this would be easy to put together, you just need to add an edgy vibe to it. First, a neon pink and white striped Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. It is very comfortable and cute. I have seen a lot of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse characters on clothing lately. Pair this sweatshirt with Machine Gray Acid Wash Skinny Jeans. These jeans are distressed and cool. 

          Next, wear a pair of pewter gray Authentic Lo Pro Vans sneakers. The Vans sneakers are an essential to any  Scene outfit. A plain gray Solid Soft Knit Stretch Headband is perfect , it will keep your forehead warm and keep the hair out of your face. There is a lot of gray in this outfit.Remember to wear bright or neon colors with neutrals such gray as to tone them down.To finish off this look, you pick one of the stud earrings from the Crosses Earrings 20 Pack and a OMG Long Strand Necklace. The necklace is gold and it compliments everything in this outfit very well. Actually it is the perfect word to describe this outfit. O-M-G!!!
Sc Scene: Neon Craze


  1. Cute sweater and jeans and I like the idea of putting on a gray headband. Good idea, Good set!


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