Saturday, January 18, 2014

Punk: Colorful Stars

          Grab your camera snap  a photo new twist on the Punk look! Wear the One Step Up Brushed Sweatshirt. It has a bright orange color and a black star on it. It is bright and edgy. To keep warm add a cool touch throw a 4 Pocket Anorak Vest. It's distressed denim and these motorcycle style vests are becoming popular at the moment. 

          The Almost Famous High Waisted Skinny Jeans are perfect with this outfit. They are in a dark wash. I think the jeans balance out the lighter colors. Slip on the Demonia Deviant Lace-up Canvas Sneakers. In the color black and the shoes are extra high tops. I like high top sneakers because their a bit of a step up from your usual low tops and have an 80s retro vibe. Actually, many punks in the 1980s wore neon and bright colors. 

           So to finish off this look put on the Lovesick Spike Bangle and the Skull Daisy Sunglasses. With this outfit, you will be retro and new, bright and punky, feminine and tough . All at the same!

Punk: Colorful Stars

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