Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What I Wore Today


               My outfit was a little different today. It had bright colors in it and I don't usually wear bright or neon colors. Most of the clothing in my closet is black or other darker colors. So I am a bit hesitant to try a lime green or bright orange. My mom is tells me to wear brighter colors and occasionally I do. But then I just end up looking too boring or too girly. I haven't really been able to figure out a way to balance edgy style and bright colors. 
      I wore bright peach hoodie and it is fleece so it feels very warm and comfy. I paired it with a plain long sleeved black v-neck shirt. The shirt goes with anything and it can be dressy or casual. Underneath the shirt I wore a gray tank top. Then put I on my light blue skinny jeans. My sneakers are faux leather with gold studs on them. I love these sneakers because they are kind of sporty and punk mixed together. 

    For accessories, I wore a skull necklace. The skull has a rose in its mouth. It is gold and distressed. I really like my outfit today. 

This was a very different look for me but it still looks cool! 

                     Old Navy
                    Charming Charlie's


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